Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love being taken by black men


His chocolate inside me is truly HEAVEN! I love it black.

Happily, this is true for me too!

So very true! Oh, yes!!!!

I definetly would go

My thinking

I am white, and I have only "dated" a few men. One or two white then I met my first black boyfriend. He was amazing! Totally and completely amazing. Being with him wasn't all about the sex, at all. Yes, I will admit that all the black men have been big ... well 9-10 inches big. And yes, he knew how to use. Since then I've been with several other black men. They too know how to use it. They make my eye's roll back into my head, my body shake and I lose my breath ... and feel every inch a woman.

But there is much more to them than that. There is much more to a man than his skin color. I'll admit that I was attracted to him at first because he was black. Truth be told I am attracted to black men, always have been. However, I don't see just color when I am with him. 

I see the man. A man I feel intensely about and want to be with on many levels. And I guess that I have been lucky because this man wants to be with me. He/they make me laugh and cry ... make me happy and comfortable with them and myself. Sex isn't the primary reason. He/they make me feel wanted and desired and every inch a woman.

I  know the men I am with are gorgeous inside and out.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Place

On the bottom. Holding on for all I'm worth. As he makes me his. Over and over again.

It is heaven being a black man's woman. His gurl for all time.

I Love Chocolate

Inside me!

The writings true for me


My ass, my mouth, my entire body is for Black Men only!

Pure dark chocolate love ... deep inside of me!


My thoughts exactly!


Ohhhhhhh, Daddy!!!! Yesssss!


In a heartbeat I would be there with a black man


You gorgeous sexy black man ...

Come and claim what is YOURS!

I am ready, willing and able. I want to be used for your pleasure.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To me ...

being his and giving my body to him freely, willingly is the only place for me.

Being a black man's woman, a real man's woman is all there is to be ... for me.

To be willingly with a man who excites me and makes me feel sexy and desired, pleasing me with his presence and his wonderful way of fulfilling me with his gorgeous manhood.

His big beautiful black cock buried deep inside me pumping his potent seed into me.

Well all I can say is ... I am willing to please him every way I can.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Truth be told ...

When you are small like me ...

REAL MEN are all that count. REAL MEN are to be pleased and sexually satisfied.

That's why I prefer black men and ONLY want to be a black man's woman.

I go into another world with his beautiful black cock inside me.

The world I was made for ... a world for the two of us.

I love it!!! No other way to say it.

Made to be a black man's woman, that's me.

My thoughts!!!


Take me you wonderful black man!